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Hay fever is caused by your immune system reacting unnecessarily to pollens. This demands energy uselessly ‘fighting off’ pollens which it interprets as attacking you. Energy that would be much better utilized elsewhere in life. Kenalog injections are the perfect solution to make hay fever season bearable where oral medication, eye drops & nasal sprays fail.

Trees can begin to produce pollen in late January and some grasses continue producing pollen until September so depending on what you’re allergic to, the season can be many months.

Allergy relief injection do not cure hay fever. It just temporarily suppresses the immune system enough to take away the symptoms in most people who need it.

Kenalog injections are no longer available via the NHS.



  • Are there any side effects?

    Kenalog injections, like all steroids can cause unwanted side-effects, although these are rare at the dose levels that you get from a Kenalog injection. The unique issue with a Kenalog injection that differentiates it from oral steroids is that once the injection is administered the effects last for at least 3 weeks. With tablets the effects are gone within about 24 hours or less. This is the main reason NHS guidelines have identified this method of administering steroids as a problem. There are occasions when the body needs its immune system at top strength and there are theoretical concerns that having it partially suppressed like this for up to 3 weeks could cause significant problems.

  • Does it always work?

    For many people it completely relieves the symptoms for the entire season and for others it reduces the severity of the symptoms to a point where adding other treatments can allow life as normal.

    Occasionally a second dose of Kenalog may be needed. Your practitioner will discuss this with you.

    It is not recommended that anyone have more than 80mg (2 injections) per season except in exceptional circumstances.

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