HD Brows is a premium 7-step treatment designed to craft perfect brows tailored to complement any skin tone, hair colour & gender. Esteemed as the best eyebrow treatment provider from 2015 to 2022 by The Guild Awards of Excellence, it stands as the most popular service at Renuvo Beauty & Aesthetics.

All treatments are expertly performed by HD Brows Elite Trainer, Emma Willcock, known for her work with celebrities & professional skaters on Dancing on Ice, among other VIP events & Maddy who has been expertly trained by Emma herself.

Treatment Process:

  • Initial Consultation: Each HD Brows session begins with a detailed consultation to understand the client’s expectations & desired outcomes to achieve a bespoke brow.
  • Brow Mapping & Crafting: Utilising a unique brow mapping formula, we craft the brows using a blend of hair removal techniques—waxing, threading & tweezing—coupled with tinting & make-up finish to sculpt the ultimate brow perfection & guide the client through their regrowth programme.

The HD Brows Express treatment is the perfect maintenance treatment for those in need of a quick shape tidy up. Only one express treatment can be performed in between full HD Brows treatments as this treatment is not designed to replace the full treatment. This includes threading, plucking & finish (no tint).

Patch tests are required a minimum of 48 prior for all new clients & existing clients where there has been a gap of 6 or more months between treatments or where there has been any changes to medical history including having the COVID vaccine or a positive COVID test. Without patch testing these treatments cannot be performed. This is for client safety & insurance purposes.

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Get the celebrity treatment: Dancing on Ice

Emma had the privilege of being invited to work backstage for Dancing on Ice to perfect the brows of the celebrities & pro skaters ahead of the 2021 & 2023 finals.

She has had the pleasure of doing…

  • Jayne Torville (of Torville & Dean)
  • Michelle Heaton (Liberty X)
  • Ben Hanlin (Magician & Presenter)
  • Libby Clegg (Paralympian)
  • Vanessa Baurer (pro skater)
  • Mark Henretty (pro skater)
  • Brendyn Hatfield (pro skater)
  • Jessica Hatfield (pro skater)
  • Tippy Packard (pro skater)
  • Vicky Ogden (pro skater)
  • Klabera Komini (pro skater)
  • Hamish Gaman (pro skater)
  • Colin Gratton (pro skater)
  • Alex Demetriou (pro skater)


HD Brows: approx. 30-45 minutes.

HD Brows BrowStay (Hybrid): approx. 45 minutes.

HD Brows Lift Me Up (Lightening): approx. 45-60 minutes.

HD Brows Express: approx. 15-30 minutes.

Yes! Every client is able to see a significant difference instantly after their HD Brows treatment however, many clients will be placed on a regrowth program.

The regrowth program allows areas of the brow to grow in treatment by treatment. During this time the client should not pluck their eyebrows. It is important to note that whilst we aim for brow perfection, if the follicle is dead due to over-removal of hair the area may not regrow.

HD Brows is not a form of semi-permanent make-up. The make-up applied during treatment is to illustrate areas of regrowth & add style to the brows. Like any make-up, it will wash off. However, the tint will last for up to 3 weeks giving the illusion of a fuller brow.

Hair removal is not permanent so it is recommended that clients have regular HD Brows treatments every 4-6 weeks.

It is recommended that clients have regular HD Brows treatments every 4-6 weeks. This will help maintain the shape & colour of the brows.

For rapid growing clients, we recommend the HD Brows Express treatment which is suitable within 4 weeks of the full HD Brows treatment.

It is advised that the client does not puck their brows between treatments to get the best results.

Not at all! In fact we have even had a few nod off. It is a very gentle treatment. Some clients may experience a little discomfort during hair removal depending on sensitivity & amount of hair.

Absolutely not. Every HD Brows treatment is bespoke for the wearer. A consultation is performed prior to treatment to discuss the clients requirements & what is achievable. Consultation will determine colour, size, shape & overall finish of the brow.

HD Brows is suitable for all genders, skin tones & hair colour!

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HD Brows*£30
HD Brows BrowStay (Hybrid)*£38
HD Brows BrowSculpt (Lamination)*£42
HD Brows with Lightening*£40
HD Brows Express£20
*Patch test required a minimum of 48 hours prior.


HD Brows