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Chemical peels are perfect to have as a stand-alone treatment or as part of the micro-needling treatment or Environ Facial treatment to visibly reduce fine lines & wrinkles, uneven pigment, blackheads, chronic dryness & acne breakouts. We have a large range of chemical peels by leading aesthetic brands Juliette Armand & Environ available here at Renuvo Beauty.

The Juliette Armand Mesopeel comprises of organic acids. These organic acids rejuvenate the skin, leaving it glowing, bright & soft. There are a variety of Mesopeels available including AHAs, BHAs & AZAs, to meet the needs of every client & target a variety of skin types & problems. Alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) including mandelic acid, lactic acid & glycolic acid. These are organic molecules with various chemical structures, concentrations & pH. AHAs activate the skin’s rejuvination process, increasing collagen & elastin production as well as hydrating the skin & normalising the keratinisation process. Beta hydroxy acid (BHA) including salicylic acid is beneficial for the exfoliation of the skin as well as acting as an anti-inflammatory & antimicrobial action. Azelaic acid (AZA) has similar benefits.

Environ’s unique Cool Peel Technology is a non-invasive, intelligent skin renewal system developed by Dr Des Fernandes, to safely & effectively help refine, revive & brighten skin. Experience a real, lasting difference to skin through beautiful science. Each peel focuses on specific skin concerns from anti-ageing to blemish control.



  • Does It Hurt?

    No. Some clients may experience a mild tingling sensation. This is completely normal.

  • How long does it take?

    The Mesopeel takes no more than 10 minutes. We allow 30 minutes to make sure we have plenty of time for the consultation to discuss the clients skin & a suitable course of action followed by aftercare.

    Environ’s Cool Peel treatment takes 45-60 minutes depending on treatment selected.

  • Is there any downtime?

    No. Mild redness may be experienced but most people are able
    to return to normal daily activities immediately after the treatment.

    Application of a breathable make-up can be used to conceal any redness after 24 hours.

Don’t see the answer to your question above? Get in touch with our team who will be more than happy to help you with your questions and queries.

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