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Renuvo Beauty specialise in creating bespoke nail art which is custom to the client.

In order for us to ensure the correct amount of time is booked out it is important for clients to request the correct nail art level as well as the number of fingers. It is important to select the correct nail art in order for us to be able to fulfil your nail art requests.

Prices are based on 2-4 nails (1-2 per hand) or full set & complexity. Please note, you will be still be charged for the nail art level you have selected even if you change your mind on the day & decide not to have nail art or a simpler design tier.



Just simple colour from our huge range of 50+ colours!


The simple stuff. Just a little something extra on top of a sheer base or one colour.

Includes classic french manicure, simple line or dot work, one heart per nail, stamping, Magpie glitter (glitter ombre or full coverage) or pigment (e.g. glazed donut effect).


A step up from bronze. These hand painted designs take a little longer & require a little more time & technique.

Includes simple swirls, abstract, animal print, ombre (baby boomer), simple dotted flowers, flames, stars, hearts, french variations & marbling.


Gold tier designs require time for planning, use a lot of products, colours & techniques. If the hand goes in the lamp a lot, it’s usually something fancy! If there’s different designs on each nails, this is definitely the level for you!

Includes complex painting, nail art on top of French, tip designs, chromed designs, characters & other intricate patterns & florals.

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